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McMahon: Chill out

We’ve all seen it: the remarkable video of the roof of the Metrodome collapsing from the weight of the Minneapolis snow this week. And that was just one of the news stories about the deep freeze from the Midwest to the east coast these days.

The pictures are dramatic. People with woolen scarves over their faces. Cars careening off city streets. Drifts trapping families in their homes. It all brought back painful personal memories of ears and fingers and toes so cold that I had to duck into stores to alleviate the hurt.

Warnings to stay indoors extend from Chicago to New York, but the wintry blasts go farther than that. Miami is below freezing at night and Monday night, Orlando — home of Disney World — was 27 degrees! That’s enough to freeze Mickey’s Minnie. And yet people nostalgically, romantically recall when they had that kind of change of seasons.

My TV co-host Lisa was recently recalling the beauty of the new-fallen virgin snow. No one ever mentions that turns into slush. As for me, I’ll put up with the heat of the Arizona summers and the boredom of Tuesday’s high of 77 degrees.