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McMahon: Carols

Just in case you are among the few who still doubt that
Christmas miracles happen, I personally witnessed one
Tuesday night as nearly 1,400 people packed the Orpheum
Theater in downtown Phoenix to see the KTAR production of
Dickens “A Christmas Carol.”

It is miraculous that after 26 consecutive years a story
that everybody has seen, heard & read would sell out after
one day’s announcement. And just as remarkable, for a
quarter-century people have been coming from all over
Arizona to watch something that doesn’t exist anymore – a
radio play! It’s difficult to totally understand.

Over the years, thousands of people sitting in a theater
to watch radio & television people read their roles,
listening to a story they know by heart – and one that
will be broadcast several times over the holidays.

It’s a miracle and one that those of us involved with the
production are deeply grateful for. Thank you. I can’t
even imagine what this time of year would be like without
“A Christmas Carol” – “Peter Billingsley’s “Christmas
Story”, “Miracle on 34th St.” – “It’s a Wonderful Life”.
Now that’s re-gifting.

I’m Pat McMahon