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McMahon: Ho, ho, ho

Two holiday stories in the news recently caught my eye. Well, one was more of an anti-holiday story and the other was so Christian that if we would ask “what would Jesus do?” — the answer would no doubt be he would shake his head and say sadly, “This isn’t what I had in mind.”

That reflection would be regarding the plans of the state of Kentucky to build a $150 million theme park featuring a full-size replica of Noah’s ark filled with animals and actors portraying biblical characters. It would be called “Ark Encounter,” and it would be privately funded except for some tax incentives from the state which is okay with me if it is a stimulus to jobs and revenue. The fact that it’s conceived by an anti-creationist group doesn’t matter to me because everyone has the right to not attend. Besides, it sounds like an expensive flood control project with a petting zoo.

The other story is about Florida toll roads banning all holiday decorations. Apparently there have been complaints that some toll booth workers were dressed as Santa. My solution: keep the costumes on and tell these Santas to ban tolls for the holidays. Even the Grinches would love that.