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McMahon: Splitting rails

OK. So we continually present the United States as the technology leader of the world. Yes, there was Edison, the Wright Brothers and everyone responsible for landing men on the moon. Without question, the United States has been at the forefront of the greater number of scientific breakthroughs.

So then why do our high speed trains go 60 mph and the ones in Japan and Europe hit 220? That’s now! There are plans to test an Asian train that can travel at 350 mph.

That’s cruising speed for some airplanes. And there’s no crowded airport to maneuver, limited security delays and you actually get to see the countryside as it whizzes by. I’ve taken high speed trains in Europe and they’re a joy. They’re comfortable, with leg room, dining and the opportunity to take a stroll. If you’re as fed up with flying as a lot of us are, let people know that you’d like to take a high-speed train to Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego and the rest of the country, just like those backwoods foreigners can do today.