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McMahon: The Girls

What are Republicans most thankful for this holiday week? Well, in general, I suppose, that they picked up all those seats in the election. But now, of course, they have to come up with leaders that excite the electorate. That put a little tobasco on the issues.

And, if you’re looking for something that Republicans are already doing far better than Democrats, it’s this: They’re prettier and sexier and feisty!

Tuesday night, Sarah Palin drew a bigger crowd to Desert Ridge then anyone expects there for Black Friday shopping. It was cold and people were there before sunrise to gaze upon the glamorous grizzly mom. Think they were there to hear her positions on foreign policy? Yeah, sure.

And now, there’s a new maverick in town –the Republican rebel with many causes, the McCain without the Metamusil, the mighty Meghan who has just said she not only wants a Republican in the White House, she wants to “kick Obama’s ass.” Hey, the tea at this party is getting hot! I wonder what party Jessica Simpson belongs to?