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McMahon: Remembered

Forty-seven years ago Monday. Could it really have been nearly a half-century since Camelot was destroyed?

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy changed everything. Not just the Presidency of the United States. Other presidents had been killed and there was shock and then grief and then succession. That’s the way the country is supposed to work.

But that day in 1963, a little of everyone was murdered. No matter how young you were, we felt loss that we had never experienced before, because when a previous president had died, for any reason, the country lost a grandfather. Presidents always seemed old before Jack Kennedy.

But here was a vital, young, movie-star looking person that had a beautiful, fashionable wife — and kids. Little kids were in the White House and this young country somehow got younger — until his inconceivable death made us all instantly older, 47 years ago Monday.