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McMahon: Winners and Losers

So Election Day is over for another two years. Of course the 2012 Presidential Campaign begins this morning. Most of the precincts have reported. Some mail-in & write-in ballots need to be counted but no matter how you voted, the people have spoken – loudly.

But before you winners develop any thought of a smug victory smile, hear me out. You know these people that put a mark next to your name on the ballot yesterday – they don’t really like you that much. They just want to see if you can do a better job than that other person.

You better not think that this is some overwhelming mandate in support of everything you stand for. Most voters don’t have any idea what you stand for. They’re just taking a chance that you’ll hear them when they say “no more business as usual.” Even Americans who are employed want decisions that will create jobs or in a couple of years you’ll be unemployed. So legislate like you’re afraid of the angry villagers because you have every reason to be.