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McMahon: Palinology

Here are a few thoughts from one of those corrupt media bastards that Sarah Palin was talking about Sunday on — the media. I should go on record to say that I don’t believe I’ve ever been accused of any kind of corruption and my parents were married some time before my birth.

However, while I am guilty of being in media and deny interfering with the election process, that was an umbrella accusation of former Gov. Palin. I suppose when you’re the messenger you’re always going to be beat up by the recipients of news they don’t want to hear. But come on.

Among the opinion-driven broadcast personalities on the air today, who is directing the political thought of America? Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity and O’Reilly. Liberal talk is dead in the water. Fox News swamps CNN almost everywhere. The broadcast networks are owned by large industrial conglomerates headed, in the main, by Republican CEO’s. How then are liberals corrupting American thinking? I feel like a bastard for even asking.