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McMahon: Bang!

So, it says here on your resume that you spent your early childhood in Wickenburg, Ariz., you started first grade when you were six, and when you were eight years old, you shot your 4-year-old sister to death.

The devastatingly tragic truth is that, as of last Saturday, that reality will be a part of that young girl’s life forever. If she changes schools, if she moves to another town or state, she will be the one who lives with the phrase, “Did you know she’s the one who shot her little sister?”

She was target shooting with her family last weekend, using a .22 caliber rifle, when the 4-year-old ran in front of her and was shot in the head.

Now, gun lovers, please her this. I don’t want guns taken away from anyone. This has nothing to do with your constitutional rights. But is it really a good idea to have your 8-year-old and your 4-year-old at a shooting range. Is that the kind of gun education that promotes firearms safety? Or do you consider even that action to be wussy, liberal talk?