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McMahon: Autumn Nocturne

I simply can’t wait for November. Cooler temperatures? That will be nice, but no. Thanksgiving. I’ll be grateful and I’m not talking about the holidays.

On the third of November, something wonderful is going to happen that will instantly improve the quality of all our lives. Those damn political commercials will be gone.

Listen, I benefit from them. The radio and television industry profits nightly from them. And I hate them. All of them. What’s to like? He’s a thief. She’s a loser. They want your money. This is the kind of message that is directly responsible for Congress having an acceptance rating only slightly higher than Al Qaeda.

And the individual campaigns cost so much, the winning candidates have to start raising money the day after the election. So that’s why in America, political campaigns are forever. Believe it or not, in some countries in the western world, the whole process is measured in a couple of months.

But I digress. I will begin to celebrate Nov. 3 — not only because those commercials will be over, but soon those crappy signs will be gone from the side of the road. Thank you, God, for November.