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McMahon: Sunday dinner

OK. Come on. Tell the absolute truth. You didn’t give the Cardinals any chance of beating the Super Bowl champs New Orleans Saints did you?

I mean why would anyone — after the Cardinals got annihilated last week and were starting a rookie, undrafted quarterback that had never been in that position before in his professional life?

The local kid was fine, but the different was DRC. Sure, Dominique Rogers-Cromartie looked great, but Sunday DRC became “defense runs crazy.”

One of the things I liked best about Sunday’s victory was the quarterback — last year’s quarterback, Kurt Warner. Ironically, all this Cardinal success came with Kurt Warner making his network debut in the broadcast booth. And he nailed that too.

For crying out loud, is there anything this guy can’t do? He’ll be in the NFL Hall of Fame, he’s a TV ballroom dancer, he’s a husband and father without scandal and now he steps into my business – and aces it. Hey Kurt, in your spare time, would you consider coming up with an inexpensive alternative fuel?

Meanwhile, it may be a little early but rumor has it that Mesa Mountain View High School is beginning plans for a new building — the Max Hall.