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McMahon: Three shots

When you’re around news stories as much as I must be every day — while I hope that I never become callous — it becomes increasingly more difficult to be surprised at almost anything that happens.

Tuesday, I admit I was surprised by the early information coming in about the Phoenix police officer who was charged with aggravated assault and jailed in a shooting incident. By Wednesday, I was shocked. There apparently was a domestic violence report and during the investigation, Daniel Rodriquez and his dog were both shot to death in his mother’s trailer home, allegedly by one of the officers on the call.

According to the other officer at the scene, the victim was never armed and never was threatening.

For the most part, I like cops. I trust them. That’s especially true of the Phoenix police. But if all the witness reports are true, it’s a major tragedy with deep, open wounds — those left by the gun shots, the scar on the department itself and the dreadful, racist remarks. I’ve been reading that, because the victim’s name was Rodriquez and the other officer who aided in the investigation also was Hispanic, he is untrustworthy. You know, sometimes its difficult being white.