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McMahon: Rubber Stamping

I was just told by a friend that she was sitting near some Lakers fans during the Suns playoff series and when Phoenix took the court these Los Angeles people began to chant “racist – racist” at our guys – and our city and our state.

I hope it’s not too long after the fact for me to comment on the incident. To those Lakers fans and everyone across the country who openly considers Arizona to be a racist state, may I say – now let me see how I can express myself delicately – shove it!

I have gotten so tired of the brazen generalities made about all of us who live here by all too many who don’t. Of course if the critics did actually have personal contact with Arizona they would know that we are a people of enormous diversity and infinitely different opinions.

We elect people to represent us, but they aren’t us and they often don’t represent our thinking so when other players think to boycott us without knowing anything about what’s really going on – I just think – what a loss – theirs!