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McMahon: Travel Advisory

Have you heard about the country where beheadings are a regular thing? Where enemies bodies are found with their hearts cut out? A lawless place whose population doesn’t trust the government or law enforcement.

One of those out-of-control African nations on the verge of collapse? Perhaps a warring part of the Middle East torn between Al Quaida and the Taliban? Nope, this is a country we can drive to in a couple of hours.

But who would want to go to Mexico these days? It’s always been a safety, crapshoot. Even the people who love visiting Rocky Point, Cabo or Cancun have to show caution traveling on Mexico’s highway system. Nobody knows who’s really stopping cars for “inspections” — federal police or bandits.

You’re in one of the magnificent cities of the world, Mexico City, and you just want to take a cab somewhere. Get in the wrong taxi and you wind up kidnapped or dead. Listen, I would love to vacation in Mexico, but I think I’ll wait until it’s a little less like Afghanistan.