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McMahon: Southern slurs

You know, whenever I think that the entire civilized world is holding this state up to ridicule for some reason or another, something comes along that make me appreciate Arizona leaders as towers of reason, wisdom and gentility.

This week, it’s South Carolina. Actually, many weeks it’s South Carolina. Of course, we all remember, not long ago its married governor went for a stroll — to Argentina to visit his soul mate. But, at least that was a story resolved between the governor, his wife and her attorney.

The latest sounds like something out of “Huey Long meets Smokey & the Bandit.” South Carolina State Senator Jake Knotts said the following about a fellow conservative Republican whose parents are from India: “We already got one rag head in the White House. We don’t need another in the governor’s mansion.”

Knotts — who is clearly socially, geographically and religiously challenged — seems to believe Nikke Haley’s Sikh parents were Arabs, as is the president. The senator went on to say that South Carolina should only be led by a Christian governor. I wonder what a rag head would call the bald senator Jake Knotts. “Skinhead” might work.