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McMahon: Red letter day

June 9th, a pretty historic day. Johnny Depp’s birthday, Secretariat won the triple crown, Japan’s Crown Prince Naruhito and MasakoOwada got married — and so did I.

Yes, Wednesday was my 26th anniversary and, I should mention, it was Duffy’s, too.

While some of you may be saying things like “Isn’t that nice?” I really don’t blame others for asking simply, “Who cares?”

Especially for those of you who have been together far longer — like Al and Tipper Gore.

See, that’s what this is really about. I was one who was really stunned when the announcement of their separation was made. Normally I have no reaction at all when there’s news of a celebrity breakup. I don’t know the people involved and nobody really knows the reasons. In most cases I don’t care.

Oh, sure, when I heard that there was a chance that pseudo-stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt might be through, I breathed a sigh of relief that there would be no babies. But, the Gores — after 40 years?

Why? Did Tipper just discover Al is boring? Couldn’t they just have lived their separate lives without some official announcement? Oh well, 14 years from now, Duffy and I will hit 40. I’ll let you know then how it’s going.