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McMahon: Short Fuse

Okay. I thought I could wait just a little while to point an accusing finger at the Arizona Legislature after it passed the new legalized fireworks bill into law. Every year they tried and every year sanity prevailed and it was defeated. But the lobby-loving legislators at the state Capitol patiently waited and this year shoved it through.

It won’t go into effect until Dec. 1. However, that didn’t prevent a couple of young boys in Scottsdale from playing with fireworks of some kind on Monday, starting a brush fire near 64th Street and Indian School Road. And doing $129,000 in damage to two homes on the property. As a result of the fire, a family dog was killed.

I remind you, this was before the private sale of fireworks is legalized in December. Merry Christmas, everybody. Let’s hope that when Santa comes down the chimney he doesn’t get a bottle rocket up his pants. If two kids in Scottsdale can cause $129,000 in damage with fireworks, how much will our forest fires cost? Hey I know, let’s bill state Rep. Andy Biggs of Gilbert for all the losses his fireworks bill causes. Are you listening, Andy?