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McMahon: Remembering

Did you have a nice Memorial Day? For some reason, I kept thinking of it as just a four-day weekend. Did you display your flag? I’m embarrassed to say we forgot.

We meant to visit my father-in-law, too, at the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona, but we got so busy we never got around to it. He’s eligible to be there because he was busy, too — for 20 years as a marine in WWII and Korea. The fact that it was a Memorial Day weekend finally hit me when I was forced to face a reality that the news brought to my attention.

In days, next Monday, America will have fought in Afghanistan longer than any other war in our country’s history. Shocker isn’t it? That is unless you have someone over there. Then, I’m sure every day is an eternity. Yes, we will have been in Afghanistan longer than Vietnam. I’m trying to remember what we gained in Vietnam. Oh, yes. The right for my wife to visit John McCain’s cell in Hanoi. You think American Express will ever plan tours of Kabul?