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Apple Pay fraud explained

Apple Pay, the mobile payment system introduced last year continues to gain traction with retailers and banks, but it’s still got a long way to go.

You may have also heard various Apple Pay Fraud allegations in the news lately, which needs some explanation.

The security used by Apple is about the best we’ve ever seen and these stories may imply otherwise.

The fraud is actually occurring when thieves sign up for Apple Pay IDs with stolen credit cards, not by compromising the Apple Pay system itself.

Apple wanted to make using Apple Pay frictionless, so getting an account setup from a valid iTunes account is dead simple and the weak link that the thieves discovered.

This poses no direct threat to anyone that uses Apple Pay, because no one is hacking the system.

Banks are the ones at risk for this type of fraud, which is likely to change the initial authorization process itself.

Hacking Apple Pay directly is technically pointless, so don’t let the headlines keep you from using it.