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Thanks to voice recognition technology like Siri, we’re all spending a lot more time literally talking to our phones.

We can ask our phones all kinds of things and get the information we need and now you can even have your phone tell you how you feel.

An app called Moodies claims it can listen to you speak for 15 seconds and give you a general impression of how you feel.

Their website says: “Based on 18 years of research into the science of emotions, Moodies analyses and presents the current emotional state of speakers in real time, as they speak”.

It presents you with the primary mood, secondary mood and overall general mood group.

I’ve taken it for a couple of test drives and it’s pretty interesting to see what the app does, but I’m not quite ready to rely on it to determine the mood of my wife or co-workers.

Moodies is available for both iPhone and Android users.