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Hourly Nerd

Crowd-sourcing is a great way to get tasks accomplished that can range from creating a new logo to building a website to getting administrative tasks done through virtual assistants.

Well, now you can add hiring a business consultant to the list with a website called

Large consulting firms are out of reach for small businesses or small projects, so HourlyNerd is trying to fill the gap.

Their goal is to match you with business professionals and MBAs that can help with just about any business challenge.

And, like other crowd-sourcing sites, consultants bid for your business, which keeps the costs very competitive.

Whether you need help with a business plan, marketing strategy, financial projections or a custom project, HourlyNerd can provide consultants on an as-need basis.

The consultants are current and former MBA students from over 50 colleges from around the world, so it’s a pretty diverse group competing for your project.