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Phishing tests

There’s a recurring theme that’s surfaced from just about every major hack you’ve heard about lately.

Most of the breaches started with a targeted phishing scam sent to someone in the company.

Cleverly crafted fake corporate e-mails, also known as spear-phishing, are also responsible for many victims of ransomware.

The easiest way to trick someone is to create a fake e-mail message that appears to be from someone else in the same company.

That’s right, you need to start paying close attention to any message that appears to be from a co-worker, boss or administrator where you work.

If your company wants to run a phishing security test on its employees, checkout

Their free phishing security test can be used to test up to 100 people to see how many fall for the message that appears to be from the company IT department.

You’ll quickly know how vulnerable your company is to this growing threat.