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Are cars really vulnerable to hackers?

On a recent airing of 60 Minutes, Leslie Stahl was seen frantically trying to control a car that had been hacked by security researchers.

If you saw this sensational video and you’re thinking about selling your new gadget laden car, hold that thought.

What you saw was a proof of concept hack that took years of DARPA working with GM to pull it off.

What they didn’t show you was what it took to setup what you saw on television.

They used an older GM car with outdated On Star software and had to have prolonged physical access to the car in order to exploit it.

There’s no doubt that the industry must stay vigilant as they add more technology to our cars, but so far, there’s never been a car hacked in the public.

Hacking cars is expensive and difficult and requires very specialized knowledge and there’s no money in it for cyberthieves.

Real hackers are more interested in hacking your smartphone than your car, so don’t let these sensational stories keep you from getting a new car.