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If you use reading glasses to work with your smartphone, keeping track of them can become a constant source of frustration.

The solution for many is to buy a bunch of reading glasses and leave them all over the place.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep your reading glasses with your smartphone at all times?

That’s what the folks at ThinOptics thought, so they came up with something pretty inventive: a smartphone case with superthin reading glasses stored in them.

Their unique flexible optical design doesn’t have arms; they just clip onto your nose and stay put, which is why they’re thin enough to be stored on the back of your smartphone.

They offer cases that work with iPhone or Galaxy phones or a universal pod that can attach to the back of any case.

The kits range from $25 to $39, so it could be an inexpensive solution to the ‘where did I put my reading glasses’ problem!