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Smartphones are pretty smart, but today’s tip will make your smartphone even smarter!

If your contact list has become an overwhelming mess, checkout an app called Humin.

It will completely change the way you interact with your iPhone.

Humin is designed to remember people by how you come to know them.

When you meet someone new, Humin helps you remember the circumstances in which you met so it can add context to your contacts.

Instead of scrolling through an enormous alphabetical contact list, Humin that lets you search with terms like “lives in Houston” or “met last month”.

Humin integrates in the background with your email, calendar, contacts, Facebook and LinkedIn, so it can remember all the context surrounding your contacts.

Humin is a great way to help you connect with the people who are relevant, when they’re relevant.

It’s like having a personal digital assistant with a photographic memory and an amazing attention to context.