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Juice jacking

Keeping your electronics charged while on the go is getting easier as lots of charging stations are popping to help mobile users.

But, if you’re an active traveler, you need to know about something called Juice Jacking.

Juice Jacking can occur when a charging station attempt to gain access to your phone’s data while you’re charging the device.

If you think about it, whenever you plug your phone or tablet to your computer’s USB port, you can instantly access lots of private data.

This same thing can happen with public charging stations if they’re maliciously configured to do so and you’ll never know it’s happening.

While it’s less likely you’ll run into this exploit at US airports, if you’re an international traveler, I’d be much more concerned.

So how do you protect yourself from Juice Jacking?

Using your own AC charger plugged into a wall socket is one way, but tomorrow I’ll tell you about a small blocking device that can give you complete peace of mind whenever you plug your smartphone into any USB port.