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Fitness Tip

Staying in shape requires you to find workouts that you can understand, can accomplish and can afford.

One option if you’re trying to find a place to start your transformation is through easy to follow no-equipment workouts.

Neila Rey is a fitness author that has created a huge resource of visual workout routines that offers something for just about any fitness level.

Each workout is visually outlined on a single page with easy instructions on how many sets to do per workout.

One of my favorites is the Hold My Beer workout which incorporates squats, plank holds and burpees to help strengthen your core.

There are also programs and challenges compiled that range from 7 to 90 days complete with suggested meal plans that you can download and print or use with your mobile devices.

There are also resources on running, general fitness and motivation as well as nutrition, meal plans and recipes.

Whether you just trying to get started, bored with your current routines or need to find new ways to stay motivated, NeilaRey’s free visual workouts may be what you’re looking for.