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HeyDay app

When you travel to new places, often times the only memory of your trip are pictures, which leaves out a lot of the details.

If you’re disciplined enough to keep a journal while everything is still fresh in your mind, you can create a much more vivid memory.

But lets face it, that’s just not that likely to happen for most of us, especially if we’re on vacation.

You can, however, leverage the power of that digital assistant better known as your smartphone that you’re carrying around everywhere with an app called Heyday.

Heyday is an automatic journal app that makes remembering what you did and where you went effortless.

Instead of looking like an oversharer on social media to document your trip, Heyday lets you keep a private journal that has a lot more useful detail in it.

You can also choose to only store the info on your phone, so you’re in complete control of who can see it.

If you want this level of detail without having to remember to do anything, Heyday’s worth a look.