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The Pressy Button

If you own an Android phone and use a lot of different apps, you know how cumbersome it can be to accomplish simple simple tasks like taking a picture or calling your spouse.

To use your flashlight, you have to tap the screen to wake it up, swipe to unlock, enter a code, go to your flashlight app, then open it.

This problem is being addressed by a unique accessory called Pressy, which offers a simple solution for all your routine tasks on an Android phone.

It’s actually a small device that plugs into your headphone jack and acts as a customizable button for launching apps and executing tasks.

Once you install the button and get the app, you can customize it to instantly take pictures, turn on your flashlight or call someone on your favorites list.

Each shortcut is executed by a series of short and long taps of the button, so now things like turning WiFi or Bluetooth on or off, becomes a couple taps of a button.

The device was originally launched earlier this year, but a recent software update has made it even better.