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Smarty Pins

A recent study by a Kansas State University researcher suggests that taking short microbreaks of a minute or two to play games or text friends can actually improve productivity.

The next time you want to take a break to blow off steam, instead of playing some mindless game on your smartphone, why not do something enjoyable and educational.

You can test your trivia and geography skills at the same time with Google’s new SmartyPins game.

Smartypins presents you with trivia questions and asks you to place a pin on the correct location in Google Maps.

You can have take random questions or choose from specific categories like science & geography, arts & culture or history & current events.

When the question comes up on the left side, you can get bonus points if you can answer the question within 15 seconds.

If you need a hint, click the button and take your best guess. You start with a 1000 miles and when you guess wrong, it subtracts the miles between the correct answer and your pin.

Great fun with your kids too! The link is posted at