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Twitter’s new mute feature

Twitter’s a great way to keep up on current events, breaking news or whatever your personal interests may be, but nothing spoils the experience like an overtweeter.

The obvious way to deal with a compulsive overtweeter is to stop following them, but sometimes good people temporarily becomes overtweeters, say during a live sporting event.

In those cases, rather than using the unfollow or blocking options, Twitter is rolling out a mute function so you can temporarily stop seeing their tweets.

Unlike the block feature, anyone you mute will never know it, so in some cases, it’s a more delicate way of dealing with trolls or those wingnuts on Twitter.

If you want to take the muting feature to another level and have an iPhone or iPad, checkout an app called TweetBot.

It allows you to mute based on people, hashtags and even keywords and it’s one of the most well rounded Twitter apps on the market.

Remember, mute is rolling this out over time, so if you aren’t seeing it just yet, you will soon.