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Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you know that there are hundreds of websites and apps that try to help you make your decisions.

Just about all of them focus on price and the reviews are from the general public, so they may not reflect your tastes or preferences in travel.

My favorite travel review of all time was someone complaining about all the stairs they had to climb in a seaside Italian hill town! Clearly not a very detail oriented traveler.

If you’re looking for travel tips and information from like minded people, checkout a website called

It has all of the usual information on hotels, vacation rentals, restaurants and things to do, but what makes them different is their formation of Tribes.

Tribes represent travel styles, so whether you’re a business traveler, thrill seeker, foodie or someone on a budget, you’ll get reviews from people that are more in tune with the way you travel.

It’s like sitting down at a table with thousands of other travel junkies and getting their best tips and recommendations.

There’s also a mobile app, so you can get location-based tips while you are on the road.