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Publish on the Internet in seconds

Getting information published on the Internet is getting easier for non-technical users, but it can still be an overwhelming exercise in futility if you pick the wrong tool.

What if I told you that I have a free tool that anyone can use to publish a single web page in less than one minute?

I mean, no signing up for an account, not special tools to download, no domain registration needed…I mean click, type, publish! has been a hidden gem on the Internet that is totally embracing the Keep It Simple Silly approach to publishing a web page.

If you’re having a party, yard sale, fund raiser, company event or just need a simple way to get information posted on the Internet, is your solution.

Want to publish your poem, random thoughts, memories of old friends, announce a new child or share notes with your classmates, can make it happen in seconds.

Just pick a URL, assign it a password and you are off and running.

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