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Puzzle Alarms

Some people seem to have a built-in alarm clock that gets them up in the morning without any trouble while others struggle mightily every morning.

If you or someone you know is in the struggle camp, an alternative to the traditional snooze button may be the answer.

Several apps have been developed for your smartphone that will only turn off the alarm after you solve a puzzle or answer a math question correctly.

The idea is to force your cognitive skills to get involved in the waking process instead of the mindless motor skill of tapping a snooze button.

These apps have all the standard features of an alarm app that allow you to wake to music or set multiple alarms, with the option of having to solve a puzzle.

For iPhone users, checkout the free app called Morning Worm that claims you’ll wake up the first time, every time.

For Android users, checkout Puzzle Alarm Clock which is also free via the Google Play Store.