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Everywhere you turn, you see people holding their smartphone in front of their face and taking the now ubiquitous selfie!

The word selfie was 2103’s Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year because of the popularity of taking a picture of yourself with your smartphone.

The selfie has become an artistic expression for a lot of people and if you’re looking to take this narcissistic pursuit to the max, have I got an app for you!

Selfie360 takes the dull boring single flat image selfie to a new level with various ways to create an animated 3d or panoramic selfie.

You can create a portrait selfie that’s an animated 90 degree rotation of your face or a panoramic selfie that shows a 360 view of where you are taking the picture.

If you really want to go for it, you can create a full 360 degree 3D selfie, although it’s technically not a selfie because you’ll need someone else to take it for you.

Once you create your selfie on steroids, you can share it via text, Instagram, Facebook or email.

Selfie360 is free but only available for the iPhone.