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Opera Web browser compresses data usage

If your mobile devices are on a data plan that has a cap, keeping your data usage under that cap is vital.

One of the best ways to do that is to switch to the Opera Mini browser for all your web surfing.

Opera has an option to switch to off-road mode which reduces data usage while you’re surfing the web and shows you how data it saved while using it.

Opera does some interesting things with compression before your phone actually downloads the information so it uses less bandwidth than other mobile browsers when in the off-road mode.

In some cases, this compression can actually speed up internet access especially on slow connections or it can cause irregularities on dynamic sites, which is why you need to the option to turn it on and off.

Opera also has speed-dial for your favorite websites; think of it as a more visual version of the bookmarks you’ve always used.

Want to give Opera Mini a test drive?

Just grab your mobile device and go to and they’ll automatically provide you with the proper link.