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If you’ve ever been tasked with the chore of transcribing a recorded interview or voice message on your computer, you know how inefficient things can get.

You have to open multiple programs and bounce back and forth to start and stop the audio in order to properly capture all of the words.

Whether you have to do this on a rare occasion or on a regular basis, I’ve got an awesome free utility for you to bookmark.

It’s called and it’s brilliantly simple.

Just upload the sound file to their web interface and suddenly, everything you need to get the job done is in one place.

The online word processor has the sound controls built right into the page and all of the commands can be used with just your keyboard.

Want to start and stop the audio? No need to reach for the mouse, just tap the Escape key. Need to slow down or speed up the audio to match your typing speed? No sweat!