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WhatsBusy: Security line times

If you’re a seasoned business traveler, you’ve got your routine and timelines pretty well set to minimize delays and travel hassles.

But, no matter how seasoned of a road warrior you are, there’s one thing that’s always a big variable in air travel: the lines at the security checkpoints.

If you travel the same routes on a regular basis, you might have a sense of what to expect, but you can do better than your gut feel with the WhatsBusy web app.

WhatsBusy can show you how long you’ll stand in line at any major airport based on when you plan to arrive at the airport.

Just tell the site which airport you’re headed to, what day, and when you’ll get to the airport, and It’ll crunch historical data from the TSA and the airlines to give you a prediction of what security wait times will be.

It breaks it down by terminal, gates and in half hour segments, so you can see if you should consider getting there a little earlier or in some cases a little later.

WhatsBusy is available as a web-based service on any computer or mobile device or as an app for iPhone users.