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There’s a common problem that all of us technology junkies deal with; not enough power outlets and too many charging cables and accessories.

Lots of companies have products that are trying to help us with this problem, but a cleverly designed product from a startup called thingCharger may beat them all.

ThingCharger has a unique design that eliminates the need for a charging cable because your device sits on top of the outlet to charge.

What’s even better is that it has two standard outlets and two usb ports for additional devices when you need to load up and they can be stacked up to three deep.

You can charge smartphones, tablets and music players from just about any manufacturer because it comes with a host of swappable tips that store neatly inside of the charging box.

Thingcharger’s design and flexibility makes it great for travelers that are constantly fighting to find enough outlets on the road.

It’s currently a crowd funding project at Indiegogo so it won’t be available until the first part of next year, but you can watch the video at their website and decide if you want to help fund them!