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Is this site safe?

The Internet is loaded with booby-trapped websites that are virtual Venus fly traps that are just waiting for you to land on them.

Avoiding websites that you have never heard of sounds like reasonable advice, but it just isn’t practical, so how are you supposed to know if a website is safe before you visit it?

That’s where a free resource from Trend Micro, one of our favorite security software companies comes in.

Trend Micro has one of the largest site reputation databases in the world that is constantly being updated, so all you have to do is paste the web address of any site in to run a quick safety check.

In seconds you’ll get a safety rating of Safe, Dangerous or Suspicious and if the site is untested, Trend Micro will automatically add it to be tested.

You’ll also get a summary of the content that you’ll find at the site, so you don’t accidentally end up at an inappropriate site.

Assuming a website is safe is a bad approach these days, so before you visit a strange website, get a second opinion from Trend Micro!