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Who’s calling?

When you get a call on your smartphone from an unknown number, you end up having to make a split second decision generally based on the area code of whether to answer the call or not.

An app called Contactive is hoping to help you out with this problem by using multiple resources to help identify unknown callers on the fly.

They combine your social networks with publicly available registries and their own global directory to show you who’s if they’re not already in your phones address book.

It even gives you a quick cheat sheet of your contacts latest updates and interactions with you so you’re better prepared when you do answer a call.

This call management app is only available for Android phones and can’t identify every unknown call for you, but when it works, it’s magic.

It’s also a great way to combine social media profile pictures with your address book and lots of other details about your contacts that exist in separate systems.

Think of it as caller ID on steroids!