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Connecting your online accounts

We all have lots of online accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, DropBox, Gmail, Amazon and the list goes on.

These resources are awesome, but they don’t talk to each other so we are missing out on interactions that could be really cool.

For instance, wouldn’t it be cool to automatically make a copy of every photo you upload to Facebook to your Picasa account?

Are you searching for something on Craigslist that requires you to constantly check back for new postings? Wouldn’t it be great to setup an e-mail alert whenever a new item was posted?

Well, if you live your life online and you’d like to create some automated interactions, checkout

If this then that is a site that allows you to create triggers and actions based on all your online accounts.

Want a copy of any Facebook photo that you’re tagged in to get added to your DropBox account? There’s a recipe for that!

Check it out at, the possibilities are endless.

For more check out