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Lighting automation

Smart lighting can be fun and save you money!

It’s 2013 and did you know your smartphone can talk to your light bulbs!

That’s right, smart light bulbs are now a reality.

The folks at Philips have a very interesting wireless lighting system that they call HUE and it’s pretty intriguing.

It starts with LED light bulbs that are rated at 15000 hours which is 125 times the life of a traditional light bulb.

Built into the base of the bulb is intelligence and a wireless communicator.

This allows you to control each bulb or any combination of bulbs right from your smartphone.

Want the lighting to help you relax? Tap the relax button! Want lighting that will energize you or help you concentrate? Just tap the buttons.

Want to recreate that golden lighting from your favorite sunset picture? Just drag your finger over the picture to replicate the colors.

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