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Simple home automation

Home automation used to mean spending big bucks, but not anymore!

One of the big themes that came out of the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year was inexpensive home automation gadgets that you can control with your smartphone.

Instead of having to buy an entire automation system all at once, you can slowly add devices one at a time.

One of the more useful gadgets we saw is called the Lockitron, which is a wireless and keyless entry system for your front door. This Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled lock system mounts over your existing deadbolt on the inside of just about any door.

Once installed, you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world right from your smartphone.

Need to let your plumber in while you’re at work? No Sweat!  Did your house guests get to your house while you’re stuck in traffic? Let them in!

The Lockitron is currently in the final development stages, so you can’t buy one just yet, but you can reserve yours at

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