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Get er done for $5 with

The term crowdsourcing refers to the ability to use the Internet to find a large crowd of people that can provide services you need.

Lots of crowdsourcing sites allow you to have the crowd bid on a task you might have, but what if you could find a whole crowd of people that were willing to do lots of things for five bucks!

Well, this community exists and is thriving at a site called

Want to send someone a unique birthday greeting? It’s only five bucks.

Want to have a flyer designed for an upcoming event? It’s only five bucks.

Gifts, graphic design, video, animation, online marketing, voice overs, music or just about any simple task all start at, you guessed it five bucks.

If your task is more involved, it may cost you more, but this crowd is all about being cost effective, so give it a try!

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