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Accidentally closed tab tip

One of the best features of today’s browsers is the ability to use tabs to open multiple websites.

It’s not hard to get carried away and open lots of tabs that can slow your surfing to a crawl, so it’s important to close tabs that you don’t need any more.

But what happens when you accidentally close the wrong tab? You have to open your history file and wander through countless entries to find the one you didn’t mean to close!

Not anymore! Today’s tip is a keyboard shortcut you’ll use for the rest of your Internet life.

The next time you accidentally close a tab in any browser, simply hold down the control and shift keys then tap on the letter “T”.

Whatever you last closed will suddenly appear without the hassle of wading through your browser’s history

If you want to restore more tabs, just keep tapping and each one will appear in the order you closed them!

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