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All online messaging platforms in one place

If you’re one of those hyper-connected online users, you’re gonna love this Data Doctors Tech Tip.

So your kid is away to college, but you like to Skype regularly. Your Boss wants everyone using Google Talk. Your friends are all on Facebook, and sometimes you want to connect with new people but not sure how or where, IMO Network. Done.

The IMO Network gives you access to any Instant Messenger Network in one easy to use, and highly convenient place. Name your method of connection – AIM? MSN? Yahoo! Messenger? Steam? They’re all on there.

If all the Instant Messenger Networks were different foreign languages to learn, IMO Network would be your Rosetta Stone.

You can get group chats going through different networks. You can do Video AND Voice chat. Share files and documents with people, and even get desktop notifications.

“Desktop Notifications? I do all of my Skyping and Facebooking on my phone!” No problem! The IMO app is not only available on iPhones, iPads, and Androids but it’s free too. So no matter where the people you know decide to chat, you’ll be connected to them in one place. Maybe you can nickname yourself “the nucleus”. No? It was worth a shot.

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