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The best smartphones under $100

Looking for a smartphone that won’t break the bank? Here are 3 that’ll save you some dough.

At Number 1 we have the HTC “One”
Yes, that was done on purpose. The HTC 1 has clean crisp display, a very high-quality camera, and an extremely fast processor for only a hundred bucks. By the way, the external speakers alone is worth the price.

Next is the Samsung Galaxy S3
So you’re listening to this because you want to save money – which means you don’t care about getting the latest and greatest or showing off blah blah blah. That’s why the Samsung Galaxy S3 is perfect for you! Ignore the S4 hype. The S3 has an incredibly fast processor, AND an 8-megapixel camera… without breaking the bank, you really don’t need much more than that.

And at Number 3, the Apple iPhone 4S
Like the Samsung Galaxy S3, ignore the hype of “new” and save some cash. Is the iPhone 5 a great phone? Yes, is the iPhone 4S a great phone? YES! In fact, many users still prefer the iPhone 4S over the 5, which works out well for you because the 4S is only $99 these days.

Unlike football, your smartphone isn’t a “game of inches”. Yes the iPhone 5 has a 4-inch screen, but for far less money you can get a 4S with a 3.5-inch screen. Not to mention some of the same great perks of a brand new iPhone 5 and the support of iOS 6. We suggest you take the discount.

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