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How to go almost paperless

Are you storing half a forest of paper in your filing cabinet at home? Perhaps you’ve been thinking about how to tackle those piles of papers.

Many of us are trying to eliminate paper in our lives, but it’s a daunting task if you’ve ever opened your filing cabinet. So, how and where do you begin?

First, sort and sift with a vengeance! That mountain of paper includes old manuals from your VCR, tax documents from 20 years ago, and old credit card receipts and pay stubs from a job you don’t do anymore. Why are you keeping it?

Step Two, shred and Recycle it! Lots of important docs are online, so the need to have all these copies is a waste. Build a recycle pile.

Step Three, if it’s not online, scan it! Group important papers together and scan them.

Step Four, stop killing trees! Your bank and almost every company you deal with offers the paperless option. Click it, and stop collecting piles of kindling.

Step Five, (this is the last one) If you’re a business user, you can get a service like Earth Class Mail. They’ll virtualize your snail mail, by scanning everything that normally piles up on your desk.

No more paper, no more paper cuts!

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