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Tech to know if fido is fit

Is your puppy porky?

It your fido fat?

If your dog makes a better rug than running partner, you might want to listen to this Data Doctors Tech Tip.

Ever wonder if your pooch is active enough? A new product called FitBark attempts to help you find out.

A sort of FitBit for your canine companion, the device keeps track of how active your dog is, and then gives you a daily BarkScore.

Until now there have only been fitness options for humans — RunKeeper, NikeFuel, FitBit but nothing for our four legged friends.

Through a small device on your dog’s collar, FitBark can let you know how your dog is doing at any given moment — whether you’re in the other room, or across the country.

If you’re out of town, you can see exactly when a caretaker took your furry friend for a walk, and how long the walk was. Data is transferred from the device to the cloud either through your smartphone, or a small “home base” station.

If your dog gets sick, you can give your vet exact details about your dog’s activity over the past few days, including how long he’s been sleeping.

The BarkScore for each day can help you see at a glance how much activity your pooch has gotten over the course of the day, and whether he could use a little more. That should keep his tail wagging!

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